What is Takaful Ta'awuni?
  • Takaful Ta'awuni is a system of mutual cooperation for financial assistance and protection based upon the Quranic principles of "Ta'awuni, or mutual assistance."
  • Takaful is a noun stemming from the Arabic Verb "Kafala" meaning to guarentee.
  • Takaful means mutual help among the group i.e. each member of the group pools resources and efforts to support the needy participants within the group. This help is how the fortunate many assist the unfortunate few.
  • As an Islamically acceptable alternative to conventional insurance, Takaful Ta'awuni enables every participant to create a solid financial protection and saving plan for himself and family.
  • In this way, as a participant in one or more Takaful Ta'awuni Plans, you can secure spiritual well-being, protect the living conditions of your family and accumulate savings towards financial independence and a comfortable retirement, without any involvement in conventional financial products, which often contain elements prohibited in Islam.
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Note :
  • Bank AlJazira is the first banking institution in Saudi Arabia to introduce Takaful Ta'awuni and therefore commits itself voluntarily to conduct such business in full compliance with Islamic Shariah principles, to adhere to ethical and moral values in its takaful operations and to satisfy the legal regulations and guidelines issued by the Saudi Monetary Authority (SAMA) as pertains to takaful operators.